Newspaper Heiress & Chinese Visas

“I am trying to get my Chinese visa but because it’s so far out in advance it seems like no agency will help me get one. I mean it’s nine months ahead of time, so it’s not like a single or double entry visa is going to work.”

My coworker perked up at the thought that she could help, we had just installed WeChat together after all. “No, I know someone, I know someone locally, she can do it. She is a newspaper heiress. She runs the Chinese Newspaper here in Portland, but also runs visas on the side. Here is her address, I will call her and tell you that you are coming, all you have to do is show up.”

The address was in Chinatown, probably one of the worst places in Portland aside from Southeast. The building was nondescript and looking up any information about businesses in the building or around it led to nothing involving visa work or even a travel agency.

Could I trust this random person with my passport so close to leaving?

“Is this a business? Is she legit” I asked, turning away from the google search results.

“She is very trustworthy, very well known, everyone knows if you need visa work done, go to this lady. She knows.” My coworker reassured.

“Can I have her business number or something to call?”

“Here, this is her number you can call her.”

This number has been disconnected.

I went to Seattle for my visa instead.