The Cats

Schrodinger & Leo will not be coming with us but will be staying with my mother for the year abroad.Schrodinger is ten now, I adopted him from a shelter on a rainy night in Ohio. He flipped over his food dish with four other kittens in the cage, and when we picked him, he crawled all over us with his sharp pointy claws like a wild monkey. Always clingy, always ready for midnight pets, and a short outdoor adventure (provided there are no loud noises). I think it will be the hardest to be without him for long periods of time.

Leo, 9, was adopted at a whim. We picked him out online, obsessed with the breed, but when we went to go adopt him, we were grilled for hours, and told that we had to come back the next day. His entire litter and his mom were eaten by coyotes in the Arizona desert, only he survived. Fluffy, cuddly, and biscuit making factory, Leo is fat and affectionate. More independent than Schrodinger, a bit more of a bully than Schrodinger, Leo is his own cat, and I’ll miss him too.