Calligraphy – Shakespeare

I have been following all those Dark Academia blogs on tumblr and instagram lately and saw this quote and really liked it. The lettering is done in Magnolia Style which is quite dramatic with many flourishes, but I feel like it deserves more than it got. I put in an order for some Iron Gall ink recently, but I am sticking with Sumi Ink until it comes in.

Nib: Brause EF
Ink: Sumi
Paper: Some nice vellum

Published by finalphoenix

Developer, kpop Intellectual, and fashion forward at the cost of my bank account. I like to write about things that happen, or opinions I happen to have.

One thought on “Calligraphy – Shakespeare

  1. It’s an awesome quote, and that is some great calligraphy. I first heard this quote used in a post-hardcore song I like called D.I.E. by Amity Affliction. It’s cool that you recently discovered it.


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