Hi, this site isn’t actually about meerkats, but it’s a travel blog so we can keep a record of all the places we’ve been and want to go.

Meercatalog has only two authors, and we’re trying to keep it without much pretense. We’ve both quit our jobs and are spending a year traveling through Asia without looking like we’re travelers.

Why are you traveling?

The lull between quitting SF and joining PDX gave us plenty of time to try and find out what our next goal was going to be.  We’ll come up with some big philosophical reason later, but for right now it’s just to say we did it.

Are you nervous?

Heck yes! But if you’re not nervous, is it worth doing?

What countries? When? Do you have every detail planned out for the next year?

For Sure Countries: Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, China, Mongolia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Indonesia

We have up until we land in Japan planned, and after that, it’s a mystery! We really tried to embrace the lifestyle of having nothing planned out and winging it. So, where are we going to be in two weeks from when you’re reading this post? Who knows.

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