Trip Report: Qinghai

Day 1: Xining When we disembarked in the windy capitol of Xining after a long flight out of Shanghai, my coworker greeted us with a smile and as we stepped away from the sliding glass doors he explained to me in simple terms that we were unwanted due to our passport. The driver had anContinue reading “Trip Report: Qinghai”

An American Abroad Part II – The Pandemic

I’ve given a few interviews about the pandemic as an expat abroad, mostly from podcasters and political activists who hope that getting some word across from China would change local policy. I really wasn’t sure what they wanted from me, the Chinese response to the pandemic was scattershot at best and there is no oneContinue reading “An American Abroad Part II – The Pandemic”

An American Abroad – Part I: Epidemic.

I think one thing I never realized, or identified with when I was stateside was that I was an American. Of course, you know this when you live there, when you make jokes about how awful your country is, or in relation to Canadians, but when you live abroad, it becomes a marker of yourContinue reading “An American Abroad – Part I: Epidemic.”